Thursday, December 08, 2016

Good Morning, Schoenaerts

I was hardly asking too much of myself when I decided to go looking back through our Matthias Schoenaerts archives here on the occasion of the Belgian actor's 39th birthday to see if I had ever properly capped this scene of his in the 2008 horror film Left Bank. Good news - I had not! It got a brief shout-out in our very first Gratuitous Matthias Schoenaerts post in September of 2011 (which is certainly worth a look see!) but I didn't go to town on this delightful sequence of frames, so we'll do that this morning.

Left Bank is not the first movie I saw Matty in - that would be Paul Verhoeven's Black Book two years earlier obviously - but it was the first one I took note of him in; the first time I put a mental check inside my brain that There Be Hot Piece. Left Bank is also, by the way, very good! And you should seek it out if you've never seen it. Of course it still took me to 2011, circa Bullhead, to post on him... but seeing as how I haven't relented for a single moment since 2011 I think I can be forgiven the delay. (Also I touched him so I win.) Enough talk! More pictures! Hit the jump for the rest of this scene...


Michael Scot said...

Unrelated but have you seen Spa Night. It's on Netflix.

Mattia Nuzzo said...

That torso!