Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Do Dump or Marry: Rogue Three

A long time ago in a Magazine far far away the above picture of the Star Wars: Rogue One cast was published and I can't believe it took me all the way up to the film's release to get around to forcing this question upon you folks -- you've got Diego Luna, you've got Riz Ahmed, and you've got Donnie Yen

And you've got three choices -- you will DO one, 
you will DUMP another, and you will MARRY the last.

Let it rip in the comments!


Ryan T. said...

This has got to be your hardest (emphasize on hard) DDM yet.

DO Diego Luna. We know he can move.
DUMP Donnie Yen. Just a bit too old for me.
MARRY Riz Ahmed. Because HELLO.

homodrome said...

dump diego
do donnie
marry riz

Anonymous said...



Roark said...

Do Diego.
Dump Donnie.
Marry Riz.

mtmslg said...

Not to cause a stir, but I have ZERO interest in this Stars Wars thing. Never liked it. Probably never will. Never thought any character was worth Do or Marry . . . Well maybe Carrie!

par3182 said...

dump diego
do donnie
marry riz

Anonymous said...

Do Diego, Marry Donnie, Dump Riz

anonymous said...

Marry Diego Luna because you can do him all you want then and because he's diego luna, dump Donnie, Do Riz. easy peezy

Anonymous said...