Friday, December 09, 2016

Assassin's Crazy Killer Cast

Normally I wouldn't bother posting a third trailer for Assassin's Creed, even though yes it does include a couple more shots of shirtless Michael Fassbender being roughed up by prison guards and robot dildos alike...

... but I had to take a moment for this mostly redundant trailer because they did actually add something to the mix that made me sit up straight in surprise -- they reminded us that oh hey yeah we actually have a fucking killer cast for this video game movie!

Why yes that is Jeremy Irons and Charlotte Rampling having a dialogue with one another. Why yes that is Michael K Williams and Brendan Gleeson that you see there.

As unsure as I am about this movie there's still a part of me that keeps reminding myself of its pedigree - Justin Kurzel is a very good director and he has assembled a really very cool cast. It's possible this movie could be worth our time! It could even be worth all the damn posts I've written about it! That'd be insane, but it's been an insane year - hell more insane things than Assassin's Creed being good have happened in 2016. (For fuck's sake, have they ever.)

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