Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Serious Man in Fargo

Somehow this feels like the warning from the end of Ghostbusters about not crossing the streams, but in a totally excellent way - Michael Stuhlbarg, who announced his awesomeness to the world (or at least to me) via the Coen Brothers masterpiece A Serious Man in 2009, has just joined the cast of the Coen-adjacent television program Fargo (aka the best darn show on TV) for its 3rd season. 

I cannot possibly do all the homework this question requires but maybe one of you know the answer (and I am sure the answer's in the affirmative because the math is in its favor) - have any other prominent Coens actors shown up on the Fargo show before? I put prominent in there because Stuhlbarg was a lead and that narrows it down a mite, but I honestly can't off the top of my head think of any overlaps, big or small or in-between. I'm sure y'all will name someone of great import that I'm forgetting and I will feel stupid as dirt itself, so just get that done please.

Sadly Stuhlbarg won't be reprising the role of tormented physics teacher Larry Gopnik - Vulture says his role is that of "Sy Feltz, the right hand man and consigliere of the season's main character, Emmit Stussy (The Parking Lot King of Minnesota)." I'm guessing Stussy's one of the twin roles Ewan McGregor's playing. Besides them the cast also has Carrie Coon & Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Scoot McNairy and gosh golly gee damn can this show cast some actors.

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Roark said...

Billy Bob Thornton is the first one that comes to mind.