Monday, November 28, 2016

The Noted Alienist

Sad to hear that Garrett Hedlund will no longer be starring in and Cary Fukunaga will no longer be directing the TV adaptation of Caleb Carr's book The Alienist - I really think Fukunaga could've made for a fascinating match with the material. Now Jakob Verbruggen (who PS is really cute himself, since such things matter), who's directed a lof of TV including episodes of The Fall, House of Cards and Black Mirror (if you've recently watched the new episodes he was the one behind this season's episode about brainwashed soldiers, an episode that profoundly creeped me out with what felt like a genuine possible future horror), not to mention the entire run of London Spy, our favorite "Ben Whishaw and Edward Holcroft grabbing each other by the bum" series. 

Anyway a cast for The Alienist is being gathered and the first two big names are good ones - Daniel Brühl is taking on the lead role "of the brilliant and eccentric Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, whose emphasis on the then-untested fields of psychology and forensics makes him both revered and an outsider," and honestly even though I didn't know who he was when I read the book way back when it came out I think I might have been picturing Brühl in that role anyway. He's perfect.

And in case you didn't guess thanks to the pictures of him that I'm sharing here in this post the other big casting news is Luke Evans, who will play John Moore, "a close friend of Kreizler’s and police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt, who assists in the investigation that will test everyone’s will and emotional stamina."With Luke playing the role they really should call him Kreizler’s "noted" friend and let that stand in for "close" friend, wink wink. Oh and bonus here's a new picture of Luke playing Gaston in the live-action Beauty & the Beast with Emma Watson giving all the Belle she can muster. Luke's pants are still looking snug while not quite snug enough:

Oh and what the heck, since I've got 'em burning a hole in my lap hit the jump for a dozen plus more pictures of Luke gathered up from scattered sources over the past several weeks - he has been making the rounds (as if we had any doubt of that)...

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