Monday, November 07, 2016

I'm Just A Poor Boy (Nobody Loves Me)

It's really hard to focus this week (hmm I wonder why) so I'm only now remembering the news that broke this weekend - that Rami Malek has been announced to play Queen front-man Freddie Mercury in the long long long gestating bio-pic of the singer. I think this is pretty good casting! I think Sacha Baron Cohen was maybe better casting (that project fell apart a couple of years ago supposedly because the surviving members of Queen wouldn't support it) and I am a little sad that the Dominic Cooper rumor didn't turn out, but I think Rami could surprise us. (Will he wear a chest rug though?)

And I missed when I first heard the news that the project's being directed by Bryan Singer? That's kind of intriguing - he's never done anything like this before -- it's probably a good idea for him to shake things up at this point in his career. I imagine his concert sequences will be, you know, big.
That said what I care about the most is the most amazing (says me) bit of Mercury's life - his relationship with Fassbinder actress Barbara Valentin in the early 80s. If you've never read this Daily Mirror article (I know, I know, but I choose to believe all of it because I have to believe it all) about their insane life together you can read it right here - IT GIVES ME LIFE. Tell me you can read this quote from Barbara...

"... there was a Jekyll and Hyde quality to him. Sometimes he would fly into a rage and throw his beautiful furniture around. In an hour it would all be forgotten and he’d be planting a rose with his delicate, womanly fingers."

... and not want to spend ninety minutes watching that. But I have no idea who could possibly play Valentin, who's always my favorite special-effect in any Fassbinder film. She was one of a kind.

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