Thursday, October 03, 2013

Gonna Be A Big Man Someday

According to Latino Review Dominic Cooper is "circling" the long-gestating Freddie Mercury bio-pic. I have no idea why this idea never struck me before, obsessed with Dom as I am, but man alive is that a good idea! With the mustache and the fake teeth in The Devil's Double he was totally channeling some Mercury, and supposedly (I say since I still have never seen Mamma Mia, and have no plans to any time soon) Dom can sing as well. I am still troubled by the remaining members of the band's insistence that the movie be respectable and PG or whatever, since Freddie Mercury did not live a PG life by any means. But you know, you put Dom in some of the outfits that Freddie wore, and well I'm just not going to be thinking straight about any of that anyway.

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