Monday, November 28, 2016

Good Morning, World

We're back from the holiday break and it's Ed Harris' 66th birthday today so there he is in some 1988 movie called To Kill a Priest, which I have no idea about other than, you know, naked. IMDb says that the polish director Agnieszka Holland (she made Europa Europa and Olivier Olivier and several other movies that don't have a single word doubled for titles) directed the film and it co-stars Christopher Lambert, Tim Roth, Pete Postlethwaite, and Timothy Spall - quite the cast! Anyone familiar with the film?

Anyway Mr. Harris can of course be seen on the show Westworld these days, although as usual I am a week behind so nobody tell me what happened on last night's epsiode please! Oh and for more prime Ed Harris make sure you click here for some vintage Knightriders hotness. And honestly even though I am only capping scenes from a long time ago I still would with Ed. Wouldn't you? That's some timeless bone structure.


Peggy Sue said...

We briefly get to see his jewels in Swing Shift.

Adam said...

Ed Harris in tighty whities is all I needed to see for this to be a great day.