Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Jesse: It isn't the gas. 
Ken: Don't tell me it's not the gas. 
Your mother thought she smelled gas. 

Cheryl: Well, Ken, I thought I did. I wasn't sure. 
Ken: All right, then. What is it? 
I mean, bird rabies? It's that cheap seed you been buying. 
Cheryl: Oh, please, Ken. Really... 

Ken: Well, it could be. 
There's got to be a reasonable explanation. 
I mean, animals don't just explode into flames 
for no reason. Do they? 

Gifs are one thing but I feel as if this scene really should be watched in its entirety and thankfully a kind soul uploaded the thing onto YouTube - watch and wonder:

Calling it one of "the worst movie scenes of all time" is kind of a stretch though - I think you mean "one of the single greatest scenes in any movie ever in forever," folks. Anyway Gay Jesse's father is played by long-time character actor Clu Gulager there, and it's his birthday today - yep, he's still puttering along; he turns 88 today! Happy birthday, Clu!

Clu was mainly a cowboy actor at the start of his career (how'd ya guess with a name like Clu Gulager) starring on TV series like The Virginian and The Tall Man (as Billy the Kid, seen above) and Wagon Train, among many many others. He kept plowing on through the 60s and 70s...

... playing small but memorable roles in stuff like The Killers and The Last Picture Show and still lots more TV stuff. But it's the 1980s where he won this devoted follower right here when he co-starred in a bunch of horror flicks -- Freddy's Revenge of course, but also The Initiation in 1984 and then The Return of the Living Dead and From a Whisper to a Scream in 1987. 

These are all pretty terrible movies, mind you! But they're fun too, and he's a good sport in all of them. (The interviews he's given about the Nightmare on Elm Street film are all a hoot and a half.) And dude's still churning 'em out, mainly starring in films that his son John Gulager (from the Project Greenlight series) directs - there's the Feast series and then Piranha 3DD in 2012. 

And then just this year he had a role in Blue Jay alongside Mark Duplass and Sarah Paulson. Have any of you seen that yet? I keep meaning to - I have heard good stuff. Anyway thanks for all the movies and happy birthday, Clu!

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Zach Chisholm said...

Not to distract from the topic of the post, but isn't it strange how Freddy has powers in Freddy's Revenge that he never attempts to employ again, i.e. possessing and transforming a person to come into the real world?