Wednesday, November 16, 2016

5 Off My Head - Siri Says 1980

We normally post our "Siri Says When" series on Tuesdays but everything's been thrown out of whack... well, full stop. Everything in the entire world has been thrown out of whack since last Tuesday. So we're off a day. You're lucky it's just a day and we didn't just drop dead, really. (You might be lucky but I'm not so sure I'm lucky to still be breathing at this point, honestly.) Anyway here we are and Siri told us the number 80, so it's The Movies of 1980 today. A pretty good year! I mean it gave us both Can't Stop the Music and Naked Richard Gere, so clearly. Plus these five movies besides...

My Five Favorite Movies of 1980

(dir. Ken Russell)
-- released on December 25th 1980 --

(dir. David Lynch)
-- released on October 10th 1980 --

(dir. Stanley Kubrick)
-- released on June 13th 1980 --

(dir. Brian De Palma)
-- released on July 25th 1980 --

(dir. John Carpenter)
-- released on February 8th 1980 --


Runners-up: The Empire Strikes Back (dir. Kershner), Cruising (dir. Friedkin), Stardust Memories (dir. Woody Allen), 9 to 5 (dir. Higgins), Airplane! (dir. Abrahams & the Zuckers), Friday the 13th (dir. Cunningham), Berlin Alexanderplatz (dir. Fassbinder - not technically a movie but a TV miniseries which is the only thing disqualifying it from my main list)

Never Seen: Kagemusha (dir. Kurosawa)
Pepe Luci Bom (dir. Almodovar)


What are your favorite movies of 1980?


Yummy Pizza said...

Mine's pretty much the same but I would add Dario Argento's Inferno. GORGEOUS.

joel65913 said...

Interesting choices. Can't say I love them all but they all have good things in them.

My top 5 in no particular order:

Seems Like Old Times
9 to 5
Somewhere in Time

Runner-ups-Ordinary People, The Elephant Man, The Return of the Secaucus 7, The Idolmaker

Can't Stop the Music is in an indefinable category all its own!

par3182 said...

melvin and howard

Matthew St.Clair said...

The Fog is an inspired inclusion for your top 5. Love that movie. Empire Strikes Back is my favorite film of 1980 with The Shining not too far behind.

Gabe said...

Speaking of The Shining, I was heartbroken when Shelley Duvall's mental health and well being was exploited on that annoying Dr. Phil's show. I truly hope she gets the support and care that she needs right now.

Astroboymn said...

Ordinary People, The Shining, Inferno, The Elephant Man & um, ok, I admit it, Friday the 13th.