Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Which is Hotter?

Doesn't it seem as if Oscar Isaac has just up and vanished? I guess it was smart of him, after he rose to the throne of "The Internet's Boyfriend" during the Star Wars hype, to slink away and be quiet for a bit - lord knows we love to turn on our lovers. He's got movies from Spielberg, Clooney, and Alex Garland next year, so 2017 we'll presumably see more of him. Anyway I was missing him today so I went looking around and I found the following picture (no idea where it originated) and obviously I knew right away what we needed to do...



John T said...

I love me a good beard (I wish Renee Zellwegwr made more movies), but I am actually on team clean shaven. I think it's the little grin there.

Ryan T. said...

I'm on Team Slightly Scruffy myself. Best of both worlds?