Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Westley: There's a shortage of perfect breasts 
in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours. 

A very happy birthday to Cary Elwes today!

Okay so the prospect of a remake of The Princess Bride is nigh unfathomable, but if it were to ever happen I could maybe finally get my favorite part of William Goldman's book -- THE ZOO OF DEATH!!! - visualized, so I can't say I'm one hundred percent opposed to the idea. But if it was going to be remade right this very minute - who would you cast in the roles? 

I mean primarily who would you cast as Westley & Princess Buttercup, but if you're a big enough nerd fan of the movie and the book (and I know you people exist, because I am one of you!) you can go ahead and re-cast as many roles as you want. Like you might think this is weird (you might even think it is INCONCEIVABLE) but I think that Michael Sheen would make for a fantastic Vizzini.

He's able to be charming while playing obnoxiously superior, anyway. As for my picks for Westley & Buttercup I went looking for actors who're right around the same age Elwes & Wright were (early 20s) and... well I didn't like any of them. But Haley Bennett & Glen Powell were both born in 1988 and I think they'd be great.

No Glen Powell's not as beautiful in the face as Cary Elwes was in 1987, but he's strapping and goofy enough for the role. And as he proved the other week on Scream Queens he can pull off romantic sincerity in the middle of insincere mayhem just fine. As for Bennett if you've seen Kaboom then you know she's better than all of the garbage she's been handed to work with since Kaboom (although I still haven't seen The Girl on the Train).

So who would you cast?


Anonymous said...

Glen Powell playing Wesley is something I did not know I needed, but totally do now. Thank you so much for that.

Clarke said...

I go for Hunter Parrish or a Hemsworth bro for Wesley, love Glenn Powell but I just can't see him in this role

Clarke said...

or what about Lloyd Holbrook?

JA said...

You mean Boyd Holbrook right, Clarke?
I actually thought of him, and he could be good. He's a bit of a question-mark for me though (i.e. I haven't seen much of his actual acting)

But I also, after the fact, thought of Billy Magnussen! Now that'd be something.

padric said...

Were the remake a musical, it would be quite astonishing. No thoughts for Buttercup/Wesley, but Hugh Jackman would make a lovely Inigo Montoya.

FoxVerde said...