Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Lady Deadpool

Deadpool 2 is currently casting the role of Domino, a gun-toting mutant whose skill is that she can manipulate the odds of things going her way, and when I went looking for pictures of the way the character's drawn they were all crazy giant-breasted (example) so I decided to illustrate this post with that picture of Deadpool slutted up instead. Feminism, ho! 

Anyway while I liked the movie Deadpool pretty well (it was fun, but hella sloppy - that last act was a total mess) the real reason I'm even posting about this news is that the list of actresses who're up for the character of Domino includes two of my most favorite actresses working today - Lizzy Caplan and Mary Elizabeth Winstead! And I don't know how to choose between them! So I am making you guys choose. With tarted up pictures of them. (Feminism, Nay.)

The list of actresses up for the role is long - besides these two also mentioned is Sienna Miller (uh, no), Mackenzie Davis (adore her but not sure she's right for this?), Sofia Boutella (she's my third choice - she was the best thing about the last Star Trek movie), Ruby Rose, Eve Hewson (The Knick), Spectre’s Stephanie Sigman, Sylvia Hoeks (Dutch of the Dutch series Overspel), and Kelly Rohrbach (the new Baywatch) - so who knows. Stay tuned. Also stay tuned to see how much of a game of chicken Ryan Reynolds & Co play with Deadpool's bisexuality this time around.

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das buut said...

I only really know Mary. Lizzy is just an unusual name I recognize because double Zs are unique. That, and it looks like Lezzy, one of my favorite words. Everyone else is just "blah, blah, blah, who cares?"

Without Fashion Police, there's been a lotta girls popping up I have no clue who they are. They stick around for 3 seconds, then they're gone to tabloids and guest starring roles on NBC sitcoms no one watches. Honestly, I'm too exhausted by the merry go round of 'starlets' that I just can't be arsed to care if new blood (or Sienna Miller) is ever given a second chance.

Between the two you mentioned, Lizzy's the one with the look in that wet pic. I like the teasing, yet innocent expression.

Meanwhile, in something far more important news, Jonathan Tucker is showing us he cares in your other post. It's not sexism. I look at Disney/Nickelodeon has-beens with the same dead-eyed "next!" expression. Garret Clayton and Zac Efron are just boring, frankly.