Thursday, October 13, 2016

Good Morning, World

Now that I've watched the season finale (not series finale, hooray!) of Halt and Catch Fire I have two things to say. One - whose job do you think it was to make sure that prominent... oh let's call it a prominent "crease"... was so visible during this scene with lee Pace? Do you think Lee adjusted that himself, or were there Crease Wranglers? Number two...

... was it also the Crease Wranglers' job to make sure that adorable Mark O'Brien's khaki-clad butt was perfectly framed in every scene he was in? Because it called attention to itself - it is not just me calling attention to it. It has a voice, and it wants to be heard! And I'd like to be heard, in return, saying good job.

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Anonymous said...

Today, I'd rather be... kissed by Alexander Skarsgård.