Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Mads Mikkelsen Three Times

I know we've got lots and lots of Mads coming up in both the Marvel universe (he's one of the bad guys in Doctor Strange) and the Star Wars universe (is he a bad guy in Rogue One?) but I still want more of him - not having that weekly Hannibal fix is leaving a mark. But very soon you can bring a piece of Hannibal home with you, several chunks really, because that show-themed cook-book I told you about way back is finally out on October 18th! It's called Feeding Hannibal and you can buy your copy right here. Looking at these pictures is making me rather hungry for some prime beef, I gotta say.

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Nickelodeon said...

Sorry Sir Anthony, but Mads's Hannibal kicks your Hannibal's ass clean out the projects.