Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Today's Mood

If I stuck my iPhone into my ear and shot video of my brain's reaction to the news that Bryan Fuller is hosting a 40th anniversary prom-themed screening slash cast-reunion of Brian De Palma's film Carrie on October 14th in Los Angeles, well that is what the video would have looked like. I mean, I mean... they are all gonna laugh at me! Ugh! Well for those of you in L.A. you can buy tickets right here -- cast-wise they're promising Piper Laurie, Nancy Allen, and P.J. Soles (OH MY GOD) right now. I hope that Bryan Fuller snatches all of these ladies up for one of his projects -- I wanna see Piper Laurie in Ferengi make-up, dammit! Anyway have you bought the 40th anniversary blu-ray of Carrie yet? I was watching some of the extras on the disc the other night and they are top-notch. Buy it!

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Ross said...

We got our tickets. I'll tell Piper you said hello.