Friday, October 28, 2016

I Believe in the Right to Bare Arms

Chris Hemsworth's Instagram account as of late
has been a real HOTBED of political activism,
and I want to climb right into this hotbed with him.

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das buut said...

Painted Man? Cultural Appropriation? There's activism and then there's trendy bullshit, which both of those are. There's a great vid on youtube debunking the bullshit that is this fingernail crap and their disingenuous cash grab trend. CA is just pure garbage. The whole thing is a ploy to score points with his fans without really having to do a damn thing. I can't find him hot anymore after this and other things.

Now something I never thought I would say, I actually respect Shailene Woodley for her activism and commitment to a worthy cause. I was wrong about her being just another pretty face with no brain.