Friday, October 28, 2016

Eric Bana Will Murder You

Eric Bana is going to play an imprisoned murderer looking for redemption from Desmond Tutu (played not by the real-world Desmond Tutu unfortunately, but rather by Forest Whitaker) in a new film called The Forgiven, which will be directed by The Killing Fields' Roland Joffé. (Bana is replacing Vince Vaughn in the role.)

I was going to say something here about how I don't really understand how Joffé is still getting to make movies - he's had a very long but spotty as fuck career - and how it's that old White Male Privilege thing at work... but then I realized that Eric Bana (who I love, mind you) keeps getting work even though he's been less than successful and, hmm, I wonder what the reason for that is. And yet here I am. So hip hip hooray for White Male Privilege, I guess.

And I can't even write Bana's continued employment off as more justified than Joffé's because of Bana's hotness, because as we discovered just a few weeks ago Roland Joffé was totally hot himself. So I guess it's Hot White Male Privilege then. Hip hip for hot white men! They really don't get the credit they deserve in this world, after all.


Anonymous said...

So hip hip hooray for White Male Privilege, I guess.

lol girl this whole blog might as well be called 'hooray for white male privilege.' 90% of your posts are about naked white dudes with middling talent

Aquinas1220 said...

Forrest Whitaker as Desmond Tutu???? WHAT??? Whitaker is bulky and like over 6 feet tall. Desmond Tutu is small and like 5 feet