Friday, October 28, 2016

Alden Ehrenreich Five Times

Every damn time I post a picture of Alden (and I have been posting them for longer than anybody! Look back through our archives and see for yourself!) I post about wanting, nay needing, more. The last time I posted a picture of Alden, just a few weeks ago, I said, and I quote, "hope this is just the first trickle of the flood of new Alden pictures as his Han Solo movie approaches." 

Wish granted! Okay it's not quite a flood, but this photo-shoot by Steven Klein for Interview Magazine makes up in quality what it lacks in quantity because HOT DAMN.

He looks sleazy and hot in that specific Steven Klein way, and he works sleazy and hot much better than Tom Hiddleston did in his Steven Klein photo-shoot for Interview Magazine last month.

And you had better believe that I am taking all 
of the Plaid Pants as a shout-out right at MNPP.

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