Wednesday, September 07, 2016

There is the Moment It Happened

Damn you, Tom Ford! Damn you! You of all people ought to know better than to rearrange the fellas on the red carpet so the no-homo law takes effect. But there you are, directing Jake Gyllenhaal to stand all the way over on the other side of Amy Adams, as far away from Aaron Johnson as possible. That's just cruel, man. Cruel and unusual. This was actually the photo-call earlier in the day of Nocturnal Animals premiere in Venice this weekend - for the actual red carpet...

... damn you, Robert Salerno! Damn you! Robert Salerno is the film's producer and that's him there, cock-blocking my "Jake puts his arm around Aaron" moment once again. Was some sort of red alert put out or something? Can Jake not be trusted to not molest Aaron Johnson in public? Or vice versa? That's how I'm choosing to interpret the situation, anyway. 

These shots appear to be the closest the two were snapped together the entire time in Venice - I think this is after the screening? And no they weren't seated together, there was some girl between them -- yes, I scoured everything. What do you think I'm doing here? I am a professional stalker, thank you very much.

Oh well. The fall season is long and the reviews for this movie were good enough that we'll have more opportunities before during and after the film's December 9th release. Could somebody put the word out though? It shouldn't come from me - I'm obviously a crazy person who shouldn't be trusted with such an important job as this. Fuck the Presidential Election - all our energies must go to getting Jake to put his arm around Aaron! The lower down that back, the better! Priorities!


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I would rather Aaron touch someone else and not that horse-face Jake. Yuks!