Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Johnson in a Boat

And speaking of Instagram... you guys, isn't Instagram just the greatest? How the hell did we live without it? I mean I used to be invasive into famous figures' lives on a sort of a nebulous scale but now, thanks to the wonders of self-love and technology slapped together, it's unprecedented. Unprecedented! So anyway Sam Taylor-Johnson posted this shot of her husband and babydaddy (and in this case that term has multiple meanings!) Aaron Johnson (and yes I know he's Aaron Taylor-Johnson now, I keep expecting somebody to yell at me about that, but I don't have time for all that goddamned typing every day) out of Venice this weekend, and much like what I said to Ruth Negga yesterday - we get it, Sam! We get it. You get it. You get to get it and you're luckier than any of us will ever be. Now keep it up!

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