Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Give Me Your Little Joes Yearning To Be Free

By now you've surely heard that Jared Leto has been cast as Andy Warhol in an upcoming bio-pic (sigh) - even better it's coming from the writer of The Wolf of Wall Street! Anyway before we have an aneurysm let's ignore that immediately cringe-worthy news and cast our dream Joe Dallesandro. I know there's a whole cast of characters that surrounded Andy but it's Joe, Little Joe, Big Joe, we care most about personally.

(He'd probably make for an even more interesting bio-pic too -- Andy, bless him, is kind of played out at this point.) Anyway who would you cast as the sleazy art-set sexpot? Is it weird that my first thought was Allan Hyde, the dude who played Godric on True Blood?


MonsterTrucker31 said...
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MonsterTrucker31 said...

I was just perving on Allan Hyde the other day! I totally see it, tho. Spot on.

FoxVerde said...

Jeremy Irvine

Anonymous said...

Aaron Johnson