Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Allan Hyde Five Times


A happy 22nd birthday to the boy behind True Blood's beautiful man maker Godric. See plenty more here. I suppose it's not that weird that Mr. Hyde popped into my thoughts this morning apropos of nothing - I mean, look at him - but it did surprise me when I saw it's his birthday after I'd already thought of him. Kismet, that. Pale perfect 22 year old Danish kismet.  Anyway where ever he is, I hope he's spending the day in his birthday suit.


shawnp said...

We need a lithe-pale-torso contest between him and Iwan Rheon.
make it happen, internet!

Gary said...

He's kinda awesome

billybil said...

Actually I think those are too well defined. They really look like they'd hurt me!

JA said...

Sometimes we must suffer for our art, billybil.

billybil said...

So true...I just needed a wise man to remind me.

Have a wonderful holiday!