Monday, August 08, 2016

Quote of the Day

It's weird, I almost feel like a proud parent, seeing Winona Ryder on the cover of a magazine in 2016 - we have to keep the momentum going and get her back to her rightful place at the top of the heap, you guys! So media coverage of this sort must be encouraged. Anyway point being Noni's got a nice big interview with New York magazine that you can read right here (there are several gorgeous pictures of her too, if you like to stare at gorgeousness) - I considered sharing all the wisdom she shares on emotional fragility but that needs more context so instead I'll share this funny story she tells when asked if she's ever had a stalker:

"Yeah. I did. I had a few. One was really nice. He kept showing up as an extra on movies, and you don’t know. You have to be careful. So I told the director, because he was kinda creepy. And I got this letter in my trailer the next day that was like, ‘I was just trying to get work as an extra! Just so you know, I’m not even obsessed with you anymore, I’m obsessed with Alyssa Milano now!’ So he kind of left me for Alyssa Milano.”

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