Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Patrick Wilson For All The World To See

Bless actress and Wilson-wife Dagmara Dominczyk for her Twitter account, where she lobs bombs of delight like this while also being the only reliable source on the internet for continued Patrick Wilson Appreciation -- I went looking for new pictures o' Patty to attach to this actual news story about him and she was the only place running that game proper-like. I mean... 

... she gets it. (I am trying not to lean into that pun but it's hard, you guys, it's hard...) Ahem. Anyway yes we have Patrick Wilson news! And it's good news! Him and his work-wife Vera Farmiga have both just been added to The Commuter, the new movie from director Jaume Collet-Serra of Orphan and more recently The Shallows fame.

The film is also re-teaming JCS with Liam Neeson, who's starred in three of his movies previously (Unknown, Non-Stop, and Run All Night) - Liam is playing "an insurance salesman in the midst of his daily commute who is forced by a mysterious stranger (Farmiga) to uncover the identity of a passenger before the train’s last stop." One assumes Patty is the passenger in question, but I suppose there's time to suss out the details... or maybe we just wait for the movie to come out, whatever.In summation, here's a picture of Patrick that Dagmara, the world's best wife, took for his birthday...

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