Wednesday, August 03, 2016

I Am Link

--- God of Buzz - Mark Ruffalo's been posting some shots on Instagram from the set of the third Thor movie, currently filming, and because Chris Hemsworth has got short hair in the make-up trailer now everybody thinks that Thor might maybe get a haircut! I'd be fine with that, I think Chris is much better-looking with shorter hair, but that's not really what straight-dude comic-nerds are worried about, at least not anywhere save their subconscious. Anyway these pictures could just be Chris before he puts his wig on, so this could be nothing. Nothing!

--- The Devil I Do - I am surprised to see that the Polish demonic possession wedding comedy called Demon, which I saw at MoMA earlier this year as part of their "New Directors New Films" series and which I dug quite a bit, is even getting a release, it's very strange. But a release it is, at least of the limited sort before hitting VOD, and you should most definitely seek it out. The date is September 9th. There is a trailer for it which you can watch right here, although it might be better to go in to this bizarre movie blind.

--- Prison Break - Have any of you seen the Steve McQueen movie Papillon? I have not but it's about to get remade with Charlie Hunnam (who we were just talking about) (okay we're always "just" talking about Charlie, you got us) in the McQueen role and Rami Malek in the Dustin Hoffman role, so I just wondering if I should bother, or wait for this one. Okay, nevermind, looking up pictures of Steve McQueen in prison just now I have convinced myself - I should totally bother.

--- Island Living - Ira Sachs, whose very good new film Little Men is out this weekend and which I will review tomorrow, is setting up a TV project that sounds pretty fantastic - it's called Christodora and it's based on a recent novel by Tim Murphy (anybody read it?) which sounds perfectly tailored to his strengths. It's about the interconnected lives of a bunch of people who live in one East Village building over the course of several decades. Maybe it'll be a New York Tales of the City? Oh and  Cary Fukunaga is producing it.

--- Action Beats - I think you guys know how deep and hard and long (ahem) my love for Dominic Cooper runs, so I think I can be forgiven here in advance saying that the trailer for his upcoming military-action-thriller called Stratton, which you can watch right here, is a total snooze-fest. I watched the entire thing hoping that it'd at least give me a glimpse of Dominic Cooper & Tyler Hoechlin (or Thomas Kretschmann!) making out, or something, anything, but no, just noise and fury and shaky-cam cliches, blurgh. This is the movie that Henry Cavill dropped out of at the last minute and I am shocked, shocked, to think Henry might've been onto something.

--- The Final Frontier - I haven't been keeping up with this because lord knows once Ryan Murphy starts yapping he'll never stop and we'll know everything from the plot to the size of Matt Bomer's underpants before he's through, but I guess TMZ got some pictures from the set of the sixth season of American Horror Story and blah blah spoilers click over if you don't care. I will say that I think it's a good idea if it's where they are going, and it's not at all what I was expecting either.

--- And Finally we have a date and we have a teaser trailer for Christopher Guest's new film Mascots! The film, which gives sports mascots the Best in Show treatment, will hit Netflix on October 13th; it stars the usual troupe of Guest regulars - you got your Bob Balaban in my Parker Posey! - with some new faces like the terrific Chris O' Dowd (Am I the only person who like Family Tree?), but the teaser doesn't show anybody just yet...


Pierce said...

Papillion isn't a bad movie, but I'm not a big Dustin Hoffman fan. McQueen is terrific in it. You should also check out his last film, a movie version of Ibsen's Enemy of the People. Want to read a good trashy biography? Check out Steve McQueen, King of Cool
Tales of A Lurid Life : Another Hot, Startling, and Unauthorized Celebrity Biography by Darwin Porter. His writing raises a lot of questions, that's for sure.

Rick Schoen said...

Loved Family Tree. I wish there were more episodes.