Thursday, August 25, 2016

Haints & Bugs & Good Good Times

Because I'm trying to put Greg McLean's wretched wreck of a film The Darkness out of my mind (which I just reviewed here) I am forcing my brain to happy places, and there's nothing making me happier than these two things right now, which I haven't talked about here on the blog nearly enough. Number One, the horror comic Harrow County, which my friend Dan Walber pushed upon me with the wisdom of a wise crone - any fans in the house? I plowed through the first dozen issues in the space of a few days but I've now slowed my pace, knowing I am near catching up with all there is and I don't want to grow restless staring at my mail-box for new issues.

The other thing, which I've been rather vocal about on Twitter but only mentioned once or twice here (and really only as a chance to stare at Aaron Tveit's exposed flesh) is the CBS series Braindead starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead -- its ratings have been terrible, I keep hearing, so I won't ask if you're watching because you're probably not. Instead I will scream at you for this perceived slight - watch the damned show already! 

I mean Brooke Adams, star of the 70s masterpiece Invasion of the Body Snatchers, recently showed up! And any show that's got her on deck is playing with a full set of cards, right? It's probably for the best that it wasn't her Body Snatchers co-star Veronica Cartwright that showed up, because if Veronica Cartwright showed up I would most definitely go postal when (if...) the show gets canned. Brooke Adams is just genius enough. Watch this show!


squeezit said...

I LOVE this show...

homeslaughter said...

Until this show I had no idea Tony Shalhoub had talent. He is amazing in this