Monday, August 29, 2016

H Is For Happy! Haneke! Huppert!

I was at a party filled with like-minded movie-lovers this past weekend and Isabelle Huppert came up - as she must - and I just started frothing at the mouth - as I must - about her work in Paul Verhoeven's upcoming rape-comedy Elle. (If you missed my review of that film you can read it here.) But there's a (hysterically funny) moment in Elle that calls back to a moment her performance in Michael Haneke's film The Piano Teacher, and in a brand new interview Huppert has shared some info on her new collaboration with the director titled Happy End...

“I’m just finishing Michael Haneke’s film now. This is also the reason for my presence here in London. We had two days of shooting here. This movie is completely different from what I did on, say, The Piano Teacher. And certainly different to Amour. It is an ensemble film, with lots of characters. He calls it a ‘freeze frame’. It’s a portrait of a family, and everything that implies. It’s a very quick view of a family. There’s no psychology. It’s very factual. Just the facts. It sounds like Code: Unknown, but it’s different to that. It’s certainly more like Code: Unknown than The Piano Teacher, where you follow a single character. The aim is that everyone who sees it will be able to create their own film."

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