Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Good Morning, World

I knew that I knew that Josh Duhamel was making a baseball movie but I had to scan all the way back through our Duhamel archives to March of last year to find the info, and even then the movie was called something else - then it was The Wrong Stuff (cuz get it) but now it's called Spaceman, and there's a trailer, which involves the shot above, involving Josh Duhamel, a beard, some tighty-whities, and bookshelves. I say good day!
The movie is out on August 18th - not sure if it's any good or if I even care if it's any good, for that matter.... I mean did you miss the part about "Josh Duhamel, a beard, some tighty-whities, and bookshelves" or what? Anyway I capped the good sexy bits of Josh in the trailer after the jump, along with some stills from the movie, so hit it...

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Pierce said...

Love the way his balls jiggle in his underpants!