Monday, March 02, 2015

I Am Link

--- Modest Mouse - The New York Times has an interesting piece up on the shooting of movie and TV sex scenes - sounds like Amy Schumer was funny and confident (shocker) about shooting hers in Trainwreck, while the more I hear about the behind-the-scenes stuff with Fifty Shades the more I think Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan should just be ashamed of themselves. How much money was wasted on CG'ing pubic hair + creating robo-cameras because these people overestimate their genitals? Europe is laughing at us. You're an actor that signed on for a sex movie - you shouldn't get to have it both ways.

--- Speaking Of I doubt Jamie Dornan will be flashing his oh so fancy and expensive testicles in his new project either - he's signed on to co-star with Cillian Murphy in Anthropoid, a WWII thriller about the real-life mission ("Anthropoid" is its mouthful of a codename) by a bunch of Czech soldiers to assassinate the leader of the Nazi SS.

--- Goth Prince - After seeing him in several things now I still really don't why Jack Huston is getting cast in things (and heaven forbid I imply it's got anything to do with his last name) but he's already playing the leading role in the remake of Ben-Hur that's filming and now comes word that he might pick up The Crow reboot since Luke Evans has dropped it.

--- Lizard King - There are apparently a ton of new dinosaurs making their screen debuts in Jurassic World, and DH has gathered up the images from the film's official site. Dimorphodon loos like it has the head of a T-Rex on the body of a pterodactyl & my inner (and outer) 12 year old just jizzed in his shorts.

--- No Longer Young - I haven't read this interview with Noah Baumbach yet but when they said it's about his "new" movie I got all excited thinking they meant Mistress America, his other Greta Gerwig film, but they just mean When We're Young, which I didn't even realize hasn't come out yet. (I saw it at NYFF last year and was underwhelmed.) Yawn. Noah looks cute in the pictures though.

--- Kiddie Critters - If you haven't read Matt Zoller Seitz's article on showing James Cameron's film Aliens to his son  and his friends for his 11th birthday you're missing out, it'll bring you right back to that time you watched something that blew your mind for the first time. Seitz has been getting a bunch of crap from people on Twitter about showing the film to kids that weren't his own, and he's rightfully told them to cram it. Parents these days are just the worst. Keep up the good fight, Matt!

--- Jock Central - I'm so tired of sports movies not giving up the goods. When I was a kid, sports movies were always a safe place to go see guys in jockstraps while pretending you were there for, you know, sports. Nowadays they never give up anything! It's criminal! Let's hope that Josh Duhamel's new baseball movie called The Wrong Stuff, about a pitcher (insert "I'll be his catcher anytime" pun here) that's "a hot-tempered, self-serving madman unable to see himself as anything other than a baseball player" rights these wrongs. Think Major League, Josh! (PS love the gray beard lately.)

--- Sea Men - Kenneth Lonergan is finally gearing up to shoot another movie (it's been forever and a day since Margaret took forever and two days to come out) - Manchester-By-The-Sea already had Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams attached, and now comes word that Kyle Chandler's joining the cast too. It is supposed to shoot later this month.

--- She Follows - I realized halfway through the horror flick It Follows (which I reviewed right here last week) that I finally need to learn the lead actress' name now that she's been in two probable modern classics in as many years (the other being Adam Wingard's The Guest) - her name is Maika Monroe and you can read an interview with her over here about the making of It Follows. She's almost unrecognizable with brown hair in the picture though.

--- After Twilight - The cast for Kelly Reichardt's new movie is seriously giving me so many tingles - on top of the already in place Michelle Williams and Laura Dern, now Kristen Stewart is in. A year or so ago it would've been acceptable to be all, "Eww KStew no" but not anymore, not after Clouds of Sils Maria. (I still haven't watched Camp X-Ray.)

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