Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Good Morning, Gratuitous Jessie T. Usher

The only person who's directed a disaster movie that I have disliked is Michael Bay, which leaves his gay bro-in-spirit Roland Emmerich in the free and clear - yes it is true, I have loved all of Roland Emmerich's disaster-crap. From The Day After Tomorrow to 2012 and beyond, we're solid. And so with that out there while I maybe never got around to reviewing the second Independence Day movie (so not worth the effort, reviewing these movies) know this: I enjoyed it. I did. I don't care what you say, my fingers are totally in my ears on this one, like permanently grafted in there.

Which brings us to this morning's partner-in-gratuity here. Jessie T. Usher played Will Smith's grown-ass son in the movie, and he like flew a plane or something, I don't know. I couldn't tell you what any of the characters did and I was literally just defending the movie three breaths backwards. But he's cute right? I stumbled upon his new photo-shoot for Flaunt this morning and I figured, eh why not. I mean I don't have much to say on what he brought to that movie besides "FACE! FACE! ASS! FACE!" so I rambled a bit about the movie to justify this post, but we're done with that. Hit the jump for a couple dozen more of the pictures we're here for...

Many of these are via Jessie's Instagram,
which you clearly should be following.

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