Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Sexy Sense8 Christmas

This new-to-me shot of Miguel Angel Silvestre on the set of Sense8 earlier this year (via, thx Mac - clearly from the same time as these pictures) reminded me to check and see if they've announced a release date for the second season of the show, and there actually has been news that I have not previously been privy to (although this could be old hat to everybody else for all I know) -- Wikipedia says that there will be a Christmas Special that is released at, you guessed it, Christmas, and the remainder of the season will be dropped "not long thereafter."That is forever away! I can only watch that orgy scene from the first season so many times, you guys. (Okay, not true -- I can watch it all the times, all the times forever and ever, and ever, amen.)

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john said...

The orgy scene hooks everyone into the series.