Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Do Dump or Marry - Three Eighths Sensate

We could (and have -- we most certainly have!) just post pictures of Miguel Angel Silvestre again and call it a day when talking about Sense8, which I finally finished last night. But really we've given him so so much love already (seriously!) and if Sense8 taught me anything, it's so spread the love around...

Probably the most important Life Lesson of all! Anyway I was trying to explain the show to somebody and why I liked it so much but I discovered it to be kind of impossible? Meaning it seemed inexplicable to me, why I was liking the show so much. I recognize all of its failings - its tremendously messy, for one - and you can't even say I'm willing to overlook its faults because it's a subject near and dear to my heart; in fact the often sappy and optimistic emotional-activist streak it wears so proudly is usually like salt being rubbed in my eyes.

And yet! I really loved it, warts and all. Part of me worried it was just because the show's so goddamned sexy, that that was what got me over the hump...

... of lesser things. I can't say it didn't help! But that doesn't explain how invested I was in all of the characters (all eight, not just the pretty pretty boys) by the end. Thankfully, as I scoured my soul for answers, Tim put forth my own inner thoughts in his piece on the show for The Film Experience - maybe we've got a sensate bridge of our own? Go read what Tim says, is my point - Tim is on point. And after you do that...

... you should probably take to the comments here and Do Dump or Marry these three. As I said at the start I'm side-stepping the obvious choice - Miguel Angel Silvestre, who I was in love with as a beautiful prop before this show proved himself here an actually witty actor to boot, so clearly he wins all the contests. So instead we're tackling the three other incredibly attractive dude-sensates on the show. (Which also means sorry Alfonso Herrera - you'd also win everything too, honestly.) That means you've got Brian J Smith (as the Chicago cop Will) and Aml Ameen (as the Nairobi van driver) and Max Riemelt (as the German criminal -- see more of Max here) to pick from. And yes, I know, it's gonna be hard...

... but we believe in you!


shawnp said...

I enjoyed it too...for all the reasons you mention/display.
It seemed though that no one told the writers that there were only 12 episodes and we hit the midway mark during the finale. I guess that's what season 2 will deliver.

Henry said...

Capheus just looks too boyish to me compared to the other, if only they cast Idris Elba...

Bendt Mørch said...

Me three (or four, or five, depending on how these sloe fingers type and how many others reply)

But, yes, important gaming is afoot!

Dump: Will. He's attractive for sure but in a bland kind of way.

Do: Capheus. He's beautiful.

Marry: Wolfgang. He's beautifuler.

DancerInDC said...

I loved it, but completely accept and understand some of the frustrations out there. Once I came to accept that the pacing was similar to Lost - 10-15 minutes of moving the big plot forward, 45-50 minutes of character development and backstory - I was able to settle in and really enjoy it more. By the end of episode 10 I was sobbing, and at the end of the final episode I was anxious for more. It's a big, beautiful, glorious mess.

Do: Will. Not so much my type, but in the orgy scene he got me.

Dump: Wolfgang. Not sure why, but he just doesn't do it for me at all.

Marry: Capheus. How could you not want that smiling sweet face gazing at you each morning?

And yes, Lito is the obvious choice to trump them all because of his uber-hotness.

Anonymous said...

DO=Capheus his tenderness is such a turn on!

DUMP=Will (hot bod as hell but his character is the least likable to me)


sowhatelse said...

Dump Capheus. I need a harder edge and his lack of experience would hurt hi,

Do Will. He's a little too earnest and quite frankly, once would be enough.

Marry Wolfgang. It would be a short marriage because one of us would be soon suffering from a fatal case of exhaustion, but oh so worth it.

Terence said...

Dump: Capheus although it hurts my heart to do so
Fuck: WOlfgang, cause duh
Marry: Will, is there no love for the heart of gold loving people amongst these comments? lol

Jonathan said...

I need season 2 like yesterday!
Dump Capheus.
Do Will. Preferably multiple times in one night. ;)
Marry Wolfgang! He stole my heart ever since Free Fall.

Anonymous said...

Marry: Capheus, OBVIOUSLY! Likes to watch 90's action films, beautiful smile, great with kids, this is the long game here.
Do: Wolfgang, also obvious, a little murder-y to commit a lifetime to tho.
Dump: Will, only because of steep competition, seems a little high maintenance.