Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Which Is Hotter?

James Wolk was shirtless on Zoo last night, you guys! (thx Mac) I don't think he ever took his top off on the first season did he? Well clearly the show has found its groove and that groove drives straight through chest-hair canyon. Anyway I don't know if it was me bringing up Fran Kranz and his perfect chest yesterday or what (maybe the fact that it's Fran's birthday today? Happy fuzzy birthday, Fran!) but looking at James Wolk I feel like... well we got a competition here.

And while you're contemplating your vote (assuming you contemplated it and weren't like CLICK THAT ONE which, well I wouldn't blame you -- these things fire up the trigger finger!) why don't you hit the jump to see James Wolk's entire shirtless scene capped below...


Mark Alexander said...

James Wolk gives me impure thoughts. VERY impure thoughts.

But then, so do many of your posts!

dre said...

I CAN'T. My head is about to explode.

Anonymous said...

Fran Kranz by a hair!