Thursday, July 14, 2016

Two Faces To Rule Them All

I stared at this new poster for Disorder several times before I even thought to look back at Diane Kruger's face, but when I did... eesh. I don't think whoever designed the poster bothered looking at Diane Kruger's face much either! Matthias Schoenaerts looks like a sleek and sexy pile of man (what's new) but Diane, poor Diane, there in the background looking like somebody's standing on her chin...

I promise you, you several Diane Kruger fans in the world, that she looks amazing in the film, absolutely lovely... although you might not want to take my word for it because Matthias Schoenaerts was onscreen too, so we all know where I was looking the whole time. Here's my review of the movie, which is very very good, and which you should see when it comes out in August. Oh and here's the trailer too, if you missed it.

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FoxVerde said...

i thought that was demi moore at first glance. ol gravelly voiced pouty face.