Thursday, July 07, 2016

Good Morning, Tyrell Wellick

Well this is fortuitous timing - today is the actor Martin Wallström's 33rd birthday, just short of a week before Mr. Robot comes back on our screens! Killing two birds with one hot piece. Three actually, because look at the shelves! Oh shelves and a hot naked dude, my favorite things in the world.

And make it four birds actually, since I can't believe I never posted the pictures from this scene before now. Maybe I thought they were spoilers last year? Sorry folks who haven't caught up with Mr. Robot already, that ship has passed - it's true! The main antagonist on Mr. Robot is a sinister bisexual. It's revolutionary! To be honest the level of explicitness seen in this scene coming via a male bisexual is pretty revolutionary, whether he's evil or not, so we're not gonna parse tidings. Especially tidings this sweaty.

And anyway we should be more concerned about his character's name -- Tyrell Wellick? Really? It's like the mega-corporations from Blade Runner and Alien had a baby and that baby grew up to be a sexy bisexual psychopath. I'd watch that show! Oh right, I do watch that show. Hit the jump for the rest of the NSFW images...

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