Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bright Lights Big Alessandro

I very much liked The Neon Demon (here's my review) and if I were to make a list of my five favorite things in The Neon Demon one of those things, even though his screen-time is pretty limited, would easily be Alessandro Nivola. Then again I've been in the tank for him ever since the one-two punch of his tight t-shirts in Jurassic Park III and his floating bum in Laurel Canyon. But he's really been giving it all to roles that are almost always too small for my liking ever since. (That said his tennis shorts can never be too small for my liking.) 

Anyway it seems that other people - people who matter because they can actually give him work - are noticing because he's just lined up a couple of what could be very fine roles indeed. (thx Mac) First up he's co-starring opposite Joaquin Phoenix in the new movie from Lynne Ramsey (director of Morvern Callar and We Need To Talk About Kevin) -- it's an adaptation of Jonathan Ames' novella You Were Never Really Here (which seems to have never been released here in the US? Anybody know? I can only find it via Amazon in Canada or the UK) which is about "an ass-kicking and psychologically tormented guardian angel who rescues others but refuses to save himself." Joaquin's the main character but Alessandro, who's playing the politician who hires Joaquin to find his daughter, sounds hopefully like a sizable role.

Secondly he'll be co-staring opposite Juno Temple in One Percent More Humid, the new movie from The Lifeguard director Liz Garcia. (Female directors seem to be the ones who wanna work with Alessandro - smart ladies!) In this he's playing a literature professor who has an affair with a grieving student, and yes I am already swooning at the thought of him in tweed jackets standing in front of bookshelves, oh my god yes.


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Yes I almost mentioned Junebug -- he's so so great in that, plus there's this of course :)