Monday, July 11, 2016

And Man Made Bardem

If I were to ask you to find me the sexy Spanish version of Boris Karloff then the only rational response - besides thinking to yourselves "Gosh, that's a specific and strange request" - would be to hand me Javier Bardem. He's got the great big beautiful head for it, ya know? So when I heard today that's he'll be playing Frankenstein for the upcoming Universal Monsters monster-rama, I was like, "Yeah that makes sense." Good work, Universal. You are making sense."

It doesn't sound like he's getting a stand-alone movie at first though - the Frankenstein character will be introduced in one of the other already-green-lit films, perhaps The Mummy or The Invisible Man. The Mummy stars Tom Cruise who, well I don't think he's playing a mummy but who knows, and Russell Crowe, who's playing Dr. Jekyll. The Invisible Man stars Johnny Depp as "Johnny Depp but we don't have to look at his face, phew."

But will Penelope Cruz now play The Bride? 
Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Is he playing Dr. Frankenstein or the monster?

JA said...

He's playing the Monster, Anon