Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Take Carrie To The Prom

My old DVD of Carrie's been crying out for an upgrade, and there's no better time than the very near future -- the ever fine folks over at Shout Factory have just announced a super duper blu-ray edition coming out on October 11th (just in time for the film's 40th anniversary on November 3rd). And by "super duper" I mean "super duper." There's a 4K restoration of the film (which is enough reason in itself) plus a blood-bucket's worth of Extras. Here, let me just quoth the press-release because this is Very Important Information when it's about one of my favorite movies of ever:


-- NEW 4K Scan Of The Original Negative 
-- NEW interviews with writer Laurence D. Cohen, editor Paul Hirsch, actors Piper Laurie, P.J. Soles, Nancy Allen, Betty Buckley, William Katt, Edie McClurg, casting director Harriet B. Helberg and director of photography Mario Tosi
-- NEW Horror's Hallowed Grounds - Revisiting The Film's Original Locations
-- Acting Carrie - Interviews With Actors Sissy Spacek, Amy Irving, Betty Buckley, Nancy Allen, William Katt, Piper Laurie, Priscilla Pointer and P.J. Soles And Art Director Jack Fisk And Director Brian De Palma
-- Visualizing Carrie - Interviews With Brian De Palma, Jack Fisk, Lawrence D. Cohen, Paul Hirsch
-- A Look At "Carrie: The Musical" 

Plus all the usual trailers and still galleries and so forth. And if you buy the blu-ray from Shout Factory's website there are a couple of different special editions beyond what you get anywhere else, which include posters and slip-covers, not to mention you get the whole thing a few weeks earlier than if you order it somewhere else. I mean you can see this thing's dirty pillows from outer space and they are glorious.


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