Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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Female Colleague: You know, it occurs to me... with all this animus existing against Mecha's today, it isn't simply a question of creating a robot who can love. But isn't the real conundrum, can you get a human to love them back?
Professor Hobby: Ours will be a perfect child caught in a freeze-frame... always loving, never ill, never changing. With all the childless couples yearning in vain for a license, our Mecha will not only open up a completely new market but will fill a great human need.
Female Colleague: But you haven't answered my question. If a robot could genuinely love a person, what responsibility does that person hold toward that Mecha in return? It's a moral question, isn't it?
Professor Hobby: The oldest one of all. But in the beginning, didn't God create Adam to love him? 

Steven Spielberg's stab at Stanley Kubrick was released 15 years ago today. I loved the film at the time but I probably haven't seen it in a decade, save a glimpse here and there on TV - have any of you seen it recently? Does it hold up?

I suppose a better question if I'm asking that is if it ever held up in the first place for you, since I know people's opinions on the film veer wildly all over the place. And it's an interesting moment for the film to be celebrating an anniversary, what with The BFG, the new Steven Spielberg movie about innocent little children going out into the big bad world, hitting theaters.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I thought at the time and still think it is a very great film. From what I understand it was a project Stanley Kubrick was working on just before he died. To me that's significant because in the resulting film, it seems like Spielberg has warmed Kubrick's usual tendency to be clinical and cold, whereas Kubrick has toned down Spielbergs tendency toward sentimentality. I think it is Spielberg's best film, with ET and Close Encounters slightly behind. He was always best in the realm of sci-fi.

Aquinas1220 said...

I haven't seen the film in a long time, but I remember really loving it and seeing it several times at the theater. I also remember bawling like a baby at the end and the film leaving me in such a sad mood.