Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Superman's Lost Strip

Another new bit of footage from the extended edition of Batman v Superman's been making the rounds on Tumblr this week -- you can watch it over here. It's just an extended version of the bath scene with Clark & Lois, but there's not really any "just" involved in that since it's the only part of the scene anybody gave a good goddamn about -- it's Henry Cavill's taking off his shirt! Why you would cut that moment from the final product is proof positive that Zack Snyder's lost all common sense. Also I'd rather Henry & Ben Affleck had swapped nude scenes; that should've been Henry in the shower.


Anonymous said...

The thrist of a loner f. a. g.

Forever1267 said...

How could the director of "300" miss putting this moment into his film?

clark after dark said...

And then people ask me why I'm gay? How can you NOT be gay when this is what men look like?!

Wayne B said...

one word: GODDAMN!