Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Iwan Rheon Twenty-One Times

Been awhile since I checked in with everybody's favorite flop-coiffed psycho-sexual dragon-fantasy deviant Iwan Rheon - actually it's been a year I see, scanning back through our archives, since that time he flashed his creamy bum on A Game of Thrones. (Scratch that, I did a post in April about him and Alfie Allen tonguing each other on a talk show. But hey I got to say "creamy bum" so it was all worth it.)

Anyway in the interim a couple of photo-shoots of the devil in alabaster skin have surfaced - one for Bello magazine and one for Interview magazine - worth our time /  eyeballing efforts, so here they be. Or rather there they be; hit the jump for them all...


squeezit said...

yes, please

FoxVerde said...

well check out his new plaid pants!