Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Good Morning, Ramsay

Iwan Rheon does a good enough job playing creepy Ramsay Snow nee Bolton on A Game of Thrones that I'm actually hesitating wishing him a happy 30th birthday today - maybe he and his creepy dead eyes (and smooth alabaster corpse-like skin) can just have an OK birthday instead. OK enough that he'll leave Sansa alone, the wretch!

I feel like poor Iwan Rheon (yeah "poor Iwan Rheon") is probably getting a lot of that these days on the street - a mixing up of him and his despicable character. It's okay, Iwan. Harry Treadaway will kiss it and make it better.

So these shots are from this week's episode of Thrones; are we all caught up? I really don't feel as if I can ever talk about this show since I'd never want to be the one to spoil anything for it, but if you're caught up and have anything to share on the season so far please do - the comments are right there down below!

Oh and if you've missed our previous Iwan posts, which we posted before he played Ramsay and became kind of hard for us to look at (not a good hard either), click here and then click here, they are both mighty posts, full of most fine gratuity.


shawnp said...

but he's so adorable in Vicious and Misfits

Anonymous said...

First saw him in Misfits. Smoldering, intense, hot! said...

I have only seen Season 1 so far, is there still a little man on man action going on?