Thursday, June 02, 2016

I Am Link

--- Sex Clown - Whoever's been in charge of Stephen King's It the past few years is absolutely determined Pennywise the Clown be played by a twink of some sort - a little over a year ago 23 year old Will Poulter was cast in the doomed Cary Fukunaga version, while today we're hearing that Mama director Andy Muschietti, who's directing the project now, has just cast Alexander Skarsgard's younger brother Bill in the role. You might know him from Eli Roth's godawful Netflix show Hemlock Grove, where he perked things up by getting his hot ass out. His brother taught him well. Anyway I kind of don't wanna be attracted to Pennywise so this news is weirding me out.

--- Marvel At That - The big news is coming hot and hard today - within five seconds of reading the previous story did I see this here headline, that The Babadook director Jennifer Kent is one of a couple of names up for the gig to direct Captain Marvel, Marvel's first superhero movie starring a (gasp) female. (I mean, can you imagine? Women don't even have penises, I don't know how they could possibly be superheroes.) And if you missed the news last night the rumor going around is that none other than Oscar winner and darling lovely Brie Larson is maybe probably going to be cast in the lead role. All I have to say about that is...

--- Final Forever - Stacie Ponder is requesting your attention, please! She's going to be celebrating her blog Final Girl's anniversary very soon and she'd like you to email her your Five Favorite Horror Movie Moments. Click on over to read exactly what she means, but this is your opportunity to be immortalized on the best blog in the entire world, so probably you should go ahead and do it.

--- Eastern Boys - Over at Pajiba our pal Kristy is using an interview with the actor Jack Choi, in which he legitimately bemoaned the desexualization of Asian men in Hollywood Movie-making, as a jumping off point to offer up many many suggestions of places that Hollywood could start. In other words, sexy men alert! There are several faces familiar to use here at MNPP offered, including our favorite Byung-hun Lee, whom we've gratuitized on several occasions - click here and then here for the especially good posts.

--- Skeleton Crew - It would be lovely if we could get a proper big-budget film from director Andrew Dominik of Killing Them Softly and The Assassination of Jesse James fame, since those are two of the greatest achievements of the new millennium cinematically speaking, but they both flopped kind of terribly so he's making music docs instead - that said I think a 3D concert film about musician Nick Cave grappling with the death of his son might turn out to be something extraordinary.

--- Who's Pure Now - Daniel Craig is making a twenty episode (spread over two seasons) series for Showtime called Purity, which is based on a book by Jonathan Franzen. (thanks Mac) Variety describes the story as "a morally complex story of youthful idealism, extreme loyalty and cold-blooded murder" which totally reminds me of Kramer reviewing that book on Seinfeld. "Unbridled enthusiasm" much? Anyway what this really means to me is that Daniel Craig and Eva Green, the sexiest Bond couple ever, have taken over an entire television network, and now I'm hoping for a cross-over. Daniel totally needs to show up on Penny Dreadful and make out with Josh Hartnett.

--- French Kisses - Alejandro Aja proved himself a fairly deft horror movie director with High Tension and the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, and then kind of petered out (although the Piranha remake had its moments). He's got a psychological thriller with Jamie Dornan in the can but it appears he's turning his attentions to a non-genre flick next - it's a period romance called The Marquis, about the "the doomed and passionate relationship between the Marquis Louis Henri de Montespan and his wife Athenais - the ambitious woman who became the mistress of Louis XIV."

--- Peaks Fever - They're really dragging the headlines out on this one but it's worth the hype - David Lynch's new episodes of Twin Peaks will begin to air in "the second quarter of 2017," which means sometimes in Spring, April to June-ish. I suppose eventually we'll have an actual proper date and I will share that too! Speaking of Lynch you should click over to The Film Experience today to consider the opening titles of Blue Velvet, because you literally have nothing better than that to do. I mean it. You don't.

--- Call Coming Later - If I were making a list of the five movies I'm most looking forward to this year JA Bayona's A Monster Calls would most definitely make it - an adaptation of the devastating children's book by Patrick Ness, it stars Felicity Jones, Sigourney Weaver, Toby Kebbell, Lewis MacDougall, and the voice of Liam Neeson, and the less I say about what it's about the better. I went into the book fresh and it hit me like a ton of bricks. But you can totally watch the first trailer, which keeps things pretty vague. Anyway the release date just got moved a week further away to October 21st, which is testing my patience. I want it now!

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