Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Good Monring, Psychos

Dunno if you guys heard or not but over the long weekend it was announced that this week would be American Psycho: The Musical's last week open - they're closing on Sunday, I guess the show wasn't doing well, because people are terrible and spend their money on garbage, when they had caviar - sexy bloody caviar in just tighty-whities - right there for the taking. Boo, everyone but me, boo!

(pic via) Anyway seeing as how this might be my last opportunity I've gathered up some photos from behind-the-scenes, during-the-scenes, off-the-scenes, from all over the place. Click our Ben Walker tag for lots of earlier posted stuff. Oh and this:

Via this Tumblr comes that video, bless their sneaky devilish hearts. Oh and one more thing -- if you have Twitter, go retweet this tweet! I can't believe there's a possibility we might never get this recording - I want! My favorite song has yet to be released.
Now slap on your Walkman, tune it to Huey Lewis, 
and let's get hip to be square after the jump...


Pierce said...

I didn't have enough time in NYC or I would have seen it, but instead saw Something Rotten, Shuffle Along (brilliant) and Matilda. I expect it will be produced within a year or so by Minneapolis Musical Theater and I'll more than likely see their production. I'd rather see that than the Guthrie's upcoming South Pacific or Sunday in the Park With George (the most boring musical ever written).

Derreck said...


But i'm not surprised considering that they got almost completely shafted by the Tony's. Geez, i thought it would have been a little longer though. Glad I managed to catch it.