Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Call Me Finished

Well that's that - we won't be getting any more pictures from the set of Luca Guadagnino's Call Me By Your Name because they finished shooting last night. Armie Hammer posted that shot on Instagram; the below shot of Armie & Luca & some guy named PJ Spears (not sure what he does and IMDb isn't helping) bed-lounging comes via casting-director Stella Savino's Instagram, which has also been a fine source for behind-the-scenes on the movie. So now we just wait the long wait for the movie, which will presumably be out sometime next year. I'm gonna have to just put it out of my head until then, or risk madness. (See our original post on this movie here.)


Spencer said...

Is there any word on whether it'll a straight to DVD release, some festival or a wide release?

Jason Adams said...

I don't think we'll hear about that for a good long while but given the director's esteemed reputation (and I think A Bigger Splash has done well, box office wise, at least as far as tiny indie movies are concerned) my guess is def. a festival or three first, and then we'll commence waiting again for a slow roll-out. We have a long while to go before we know any of this stuff though.