Friday, May 06, 2016

Good Morning, Gratuitous Tom Colley

Well I feel stupid. The other day I saw a subway poster for The Judas Kiss, a new play opening in Brooklyn at BAM starring Rupert Everett as Oscar Wilde, and I scoffed at the image of Everett being used as incentive to buy a ticket (I'm not a fan). But this morning a very kind commenter here on the blog took to our recent Charlie Cox post to tell us that Charlie's new play is good, and then this:

"By the way, as a long time follower of your blog, here is a tip if you haven't already known: Judas Kiss at BAM later this month will feature three mean in full frontal nudity, including Tom Colley. I think this one name should be enough. Just google reviews about his "standing-out" performance."

Colley's name already seemed familiar to me so I checked my dusty archives and I already had a folder containing images of him set aside and as you can see...

... my lord.  Apparently he's naked for about 20 minutes straight in The Judas Kiss - I haven't watched this video yet but it's supposed to be him talking about the extensive, uh, experience. I guess I'll swallow (full stop?) my dislike for Everett and see if I can score myself a ticket. I'm easy like that! Now y'all make yourselves easy and hit the jump for a couple dozen more pictures...

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