Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Surf Is Not The Only Thing That is Up

Neighbors 2 is out this weekend and yes I have seen it and no I have not reviewed it yet (I will soon, I promise) but to keep us warm until then why not slap Zac Efron's hot ass on a new magazine cover and then give us a behind-the-scenes video of him posing in a wet-suit for three minutes?

Why not indeed.
Here's the video:

In related news here's a quote from an Elle interview:
"If you're gonna pull your dick out, it'd better be
for an Academy Award-winning movie."

I got an Oscar right here for you, Zac.
Okay hit the jump for all the cap you can handle...


Rob91316 said...

Jason, I gotta give you a special shout-out. Without all your gratuitous Zac Efron posts, my life wouldn't be as nearly full of joy as it is!

Bill Carter said...

If Zac were female--and thank god he's not--he'd be the classic Hollywood starlet. limited talent, very limited range, and not eager to try anything too challenging.

But damn is he incredibly, stunningly beautiful.

Curtis said...

"limited talent, very limited range, and not eager to try anything too challenging." ummm... doesn't that perfectly describe Zac?

Bill Carter said...

Uh, yes. But nobody calls him a starlet. That word seems to be reserved for females.

"Starlet" could be used to describe any number of young male actors, from Tab Hunter to David Cassidy to Zac, but it never is.

Curtis said...

Oh, I get what you're saying. Duh.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Zac is like "a male version of Megan Fox" or something like this, because he still have talent and some potential, I just hope he put more effort and choose better the movies he's doing, and I'm pretty sure he have "more choices" in terms of movies today than he had in 2009 fof example

I saw some reviews of "Neighbors 2" and he was very praised... but show talent in movies like this sadly just feels like an empty effort