Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pics of the Day

Speak of the devil (a phrase that takes on extra meaning given the show) -- thanks to Roland for sharing this link to a gallery of pictures of Ben Whishaw behind the scenes of The Crucible, which we just expressed our excitement about seeing tonight. These are good pictures indeed.

And yes I am desperately trying to decipher which subway train that is he's on to know if I have a chance of bumping into him. (The orange seats mean it's either the red or the orange lines, I believe.) Oh and then there's this...

SHELVES. And not just that - alongside all the pictures Ben shares a few words on how he is spending his days right now, and regarding that shot he says:

"I may in fact be addicted to buying books; on bad days, I think of quitting it all and working in a bookshop."

MARRY ME, BEN WHISHAW. We will run away and buy a bookshop and then have our threesomes with Daniel Craig. It's perfect!

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