Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Cox Will Come Out Tomorrow

The first batch of official pictures of Charlie Cox and his co-stars in the new play Incognito have appeared online (via, thx Max) and it's all muted monochromatic-ish nerd wear... which isn't a bad look for Charlie Cox! But then there is literally nothing that is a bad look for Charlie Cox, so, you know.

I'm seeing the show this weekend and perhaps I will report upon it. (I'm kind of shitty about doing theater reviews, though.) I was hoping for a proper disrobing a la that one time Charlie was on stage before, but by the looks of things this show's pretty staid, visually at least. Which is in keeping with the last two shows by playwright Nick Payne I have seen, which both starred a criminally over-dressed Jake Gyllenhaal. Guess I'll have to pay attention to the acting, dammit.

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